Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Well, that will flimmin' well teach me....

Amato mio took me out for a meal last night to one of our favourite restaurants. We've purposely not dined out since New Year's Eve because of my I-must-shift-the-poundage-thing. It was lovely. The food was gorgeous as usual, and it was lovely to go out on a date again with my beloved. 

(Although we've been living together for just over two years, we make a point of going out on dates!)

However, I'm really paying for it now. It seems that in just five weeks, my body has grown accustomed to not having rich food, which meant that at 4.40 this morning, I awoke with a horribly churning tummy. By 7am, I had resorted to Immodium (which is still giving me cramps). Ugh. In addition, I feel....well, heavy, sluggish and generally bleurgghh. It's really not nice at all.

My chum SapphireBlue blogged about having a food hangover a little while ago, my SIL's hubby had one the weekend before last, and now I understand how they felt. It's utterly heinous. Even worse though is the idea that I may be doomed! I mean frankly, if this is going to happen whenever I have something rich to eat, I'd rather not bother; however, I don't want to give up dining out. I love food, and I get so much pleasure from going out on dinner dates with  amato mio. Perhaps at some point, I'll find a happy medium.

For now though, I'm sticking to ultra healthy nosh! :-/


sapphireblue said...

Awww, you refered to my post about "food hangover". How sweet! Yes, it is a nasty deal. I was reading on the internet about others who have experienced the same thing. I don't know what the scientific basis is for it, but it's very real.

GOK said...

It's blooming horrid. I've been feeling really nauseous (as well as the other stuff) all day.

Kevin made me some Ryvita with cottage cheese, which helped immensely but honestly, I have no appetite, and I feel utterly drained. Tried doing some work this afternoon but gave it up as a bad job. :-(

Ho hum...tomorrow is another day, eh?