Friday, 4 February 2011

This hateful thing.....

I loathe this laptop. I really loathe it.

I'm considering taking it back to the shop and either insisting on getting my money back (not a good plan, since I'm rubbish at that kind of thing), or more likely, asking very nicely if there's something which can be done with it.... other than throwing it into the nearest pit of eternal despair.

I may have foiled its spy-like intentions but that doesn't mean it actually works any better, or faster. In fact, this could actually rank as one of the slowest computers I've ever used in my entire life.

It doesn't like multi-tasking, which is a major problem because it means I cannot have more than one program open at a time, and that includes web pages. In addition, the graphics processor, which I was told by the man in the shop was pretty good, is in fact, very not-good. I'd go so far as to say it's rubbish actually. And given that I need to be logged into the MMO I'm working on, I am actually unable to do my job efficiently. I'd say at least a quarter of the time I've spent working today has been spent waiting for this piece of dren to actually work properly.

And the longer it's on, the slower it gets.

It is a stupid design too. Who thought it was a good idea to add a numeric keypad to a laptop keyboard, and move the mouse pad to the left? Said mousepad also has Smartpad (stupid pad) - an enlarge-everything-to-giant-size function - enabled. I cannot begin to tell you just how annoying it is when your left hand digit accidentally rests on the mousepad because it's in the wrong location, sending everything on your screen all over the place because you're trying to interact with the screen with your right hand digit. I went through the system over and over and over again - it took me ages to find it so I could disable it, it was so well-hidden. Grrrr.

And stressful. All I wanted was for my old faithful workhorse HP to work properly, and instead I feel as though all my worst tech nightmares have come true. Well, except the one where the casing is actually manipulated by the Nestene Consciousness and suffocates me....

Give it time though, it could happen.

ETA: February 7th: That's it, I had enough!  Two days ago, I bought a Samsung RV511 (Core i3; W7 Home Premium, which means it will talk to my 360 so I can use it as a Media Centre extender... the W7 Pro edition won't do that; 6GB RAM)... it's very, very shiny...and it works like a dream! Even the island keyboard is great, and the numeric keypad doesn't get in the way. I love this machine! Best of all, it only cost around £400!

I took the infernal Acer back to the shop, and asked the owner if I could have my money back; he was hesitant at first but when I told him that actually I had sorted out the NI program, he capitulated, saying he had tried but hadn't been successful (obviously). 

Anyway, I'm now a happy woman; I have a fantastic laptop, and I can do my job properly at last. Perfetto!

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G said...

Oooh i'm good at the taking back stuff sort of thing.
Reasons for return....
Not fit for purpose,
Been told it should not have been sold second hand,

If that doesn't work try
Trading Standards

If that doesn't work, firebomb them!