Monday, 9 April 2012

In Praise Of Clear Skies And Easier Breathing!

The smog has cleared and we can see the sky at last... and it's beautiful! It's funny how much we take things for granted - back in Europe, we never really gave the sky a second thought, other than to look at it to see if it was going to rain!

And then in Dorset (UK), we discovered the stars, and gained a new appreciation of the sky. But we still didn't pay much attention to it afterward.

On the 'plane to Thailand, it was amazing to look down from the sky to see the land and the mountains below (especially the mountains!), yet once we got here, we found the sky had 'disappeared' because of the smog from the field and forest burnings. In additions, I found I was coughing quite a bit (which is disconcerting, not least because I am not a smoker), sneezing and awful lot, and have had very itchy eyes... although these last two could be due to hay fever (and the aircon!). The thing I really noticed was how dirty my teeth felt almost as soon as I left the apartment... not good when I'd brushed not five minutes beforehand!

We didn't really think about the lack of sky-vision too much... until a couple of days ago when we noticed that there were clouds! Beautiful white, wispy clouds! We had a full moon on Friday, and were actually able to see its aura/halo. It was amazing!

We had another downpour yesterday evening, and today, the sun is bright and the sky is blue. Long may it last!

We can also see Doi Suthep from our condo now, and it too is truly beautiful. How cool to live within sight of a mountain! I love Chiang Mai... almost as much as I love Venexia!

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