Monday, 14 May 2012

Chicky Net!

Before I arrived in Chiang Mai, I signed up with Chicky Net (which I found through Chiang Mai Grapevine) in order to find out more about the city, to possibly make new friends, and more importantly, to see what I, as a western woman, might expect from this city so far from my home.

Within a couple of days of joining the network, through a mutual love of the culinary arts, I had already made a new contact, and since living in Chiang Mai, we have become firm friends. I've made friends with other Chicky Net ladies, although in fairness, I only found out they were members after we met and became friends; however, I have no doubt that sooner or later we would have found each other through Chicky Net!

The network not only provides a platform for people to meet and chat online, it also arranges local meet-ups, book swaps, dinner events, and much more. And it's not only in Chiang Mai this happens - there are Chicky groups all over Thailand! In addition, Chicky Net is a great forum for bloggers and writers, providing as it does, plenty of opportunity for those of us who are convinced the world wants to hear what we have to say!

The Chicky Net website is full of interesting and useful information; from articles and interviews to events listings and classifieds, and more... but don't take my word for it... if you're an expat woman living here in Thailand (or about to live/visit here), and haven't already joined, do head over to Chicky Net, sign up, and start making new friends today!

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