Sunday, 10 May 2009


I just found this....

Trekkies Bash New Star Trek Film As 'Fun, Watchable'


Star Trek XI

SPOILER ALERT: Whilst there aren't many, there are a have been warned!

Although I wasn't expecting anything dire, I really wasn't prepared for the absolute brilliance of it all. Not only was it well-written and wonderfully directed, but the casting was top-notch too. Quinto & Pine have Nimoy & Shatner's nuances and mannerisms down to a tee. So much so, that it really was as though we were watching their younger selves! Even down to McCoy's sniping at Spock! Plus, the humour was very natural - it certainly felt more like the originals than the oft-forced banter of later Treks. The chemistry was definitely there!

I thought it was very well-paced too; there were no "Skip to the end" moments ('Spaced' fans will understand this!), no slowing down, no boring bits. It was relentless...but in a strangely relaxing kind of way!

I suspect the bit with Scotty materialising inside the tube was a nod to the the Scotty TNG episode. Also, Deep Roy had a cameo (I saw him briefly on the bridge of the Enterprise), so maybe that was an explanation for the Willy Wonka-ness of the scene. Simon Pegg was genius (we gave a little cheer when he finally appeared on screen!), and I suspect that he enjoyed playing the part just as much as we loved watching him. I also loved all the little homages to earlier Trek (Orion slave girl as a cadet, banging head on overhead beam, Delta Vega, ubiquitous hairy monster fight...although I did think it was going to get kicked in its knees!), and I loved the other sci-fi references too - particularly Cadet Vader, and one gribbly being swallowed by an even bigger one! They were a really nice touch, and a definite geeky crowd-pleaser! Apparently there were some Lost references there too but since I've never seen the show, they were....well, lost on me!

Visually, the film was stunning. It wasn't just a case of excellent SFX - although they were pretty darn fab - but more one of brilliant design and crisp contrasts. I absolutely loved the drab harshness of the Narada in comparison to the almost sterile environment of Spock's ship. The Romulans were pretty cool too actually, and it was great that they were gnarled and hard-bitten miners as opposed to the shoulder pads and psuedo-Vulcan hairstyles of TNG. For that alone, I think Nemesis did a good job! The tattoos were brilliant as well! I like tattoos! The Enterprise too, looked amazing - you really got a sense of scale and magnificence that I don't think has ever really been present before. I have to admit to getting a little goosebumpy!

I also really liked that the classic uniforms were kept. Yes the fabrics may be 21st century (and I'm glad they ditched the ric-rac braid!) but the style and the colours were faithful...and very cool! And it's great to see that a red shirt still means you're going to get bashed up (and certainly don't ever wear a scarlet skydiving suit!)!

All in all, a thumpingly good film; well written, well acted, well directed. A finely crafted piece of sci-fi....and a jolly good romp around the galaxy to boot!

As for Bones – definitely swoonworthy! He was my favourite character from TOS (and The Doctor is my favourite from Voyager too!); it was great that Karl Urban managed to recreate that curmudgeonly attitude so well. And I am sooooo pleased we got a "Dammit, I'm a doctor not a physicist" line! Of course, it would have been good to have a "She cannae take it Cap'n" from Scotty but I suspect that's something for another time! Apparently the next one is already in progress! Yay!

I heard on Friday from someone in the know that the SE DVD will be an extended version, with over an hour of restored deleted scenes, including, I presume, the sex scene between Kirk and Uhura.
I think there is every probability that I shall have to see it at least twice more at the cinema!