Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Abortion Is Wrong... Really?

Abortion is wrong. No arguments...
  1. It doesn't matter if the pregnancy is a result of rape: the onus is on the woman to take adequate precautions to ensure she does not become pregnant if she is raped.
  2. If someone is sterilised and becomes pregnant, she should not be having sex.
  3. If someone is sterilised, and over the age of bearing healthy children (e.g. if there is a chance they may have something wrong with them), she should not be having sex.
  4. A blastocyst is a sentient human being. 
  5. Abortion is the same as eugenics.
  6. Statistics are meaningless, therefore it is reasonable that in areas of high poverty, high disease, and high crime (including rape, murder, mugging etc.), more babies than can be sustained are brought into this world.
  7. There is no such thing as an accident. 
  8. If someone posts a pro-life propaganda image on Facebook, and couples it with the comment, "No discussion" - people are not supposed to want to discuss it because Facebook isn't the place for such discussions.
  9. If you don't agree that abortion is wrong, you have a rusted, closed mind.
  10. Rape-pregnancy is a smokescreen used by the pro-abortion lobby.
  11. Logically and scientifically, abortion is wrong.
  12. God and Jesus say that abortion is wrong.
Shockingly, the above were all from a female. 
  1. Trauma from rape is merely an emotional response, and raped women are therefore in no fit state to make the decision to have an abortion, should they find themselves pregnant.
  2. "Ask anyone whether they would have preferred their mother to have terminated them, and see what they say".
  3. If you put yourself inside the body of a rape-conceived child you would not want to be killed in a judgement call made by someone else. 
  4. Drawing a line as to when a group of cells becomes a sentient human being is wrong, and is "... a bad place to find yourself in".
  5. Despite being sterilised almost a quarter of a century ago because I didn't want any more children, and probably being too old to bear healthy kids, I am completely wrong to say that I would have an abortion if I found myself pregnant...
  6. "You'd rather enjoy your lifestyle than carry the life you made and therefore it should be killed because you'd be upset - and noone likes being upset so off with their head! Hmmm :/"
  7. "Perhaps they [aborted foetuses] feel entirely justified then in killing you if you're in their way?"
The above were all from a male... a stupid, blinkered male, at that.

There really are some nutters in this world.

Needless to say, my Facebook friends list has been reduced further. Not because people don't agree with me but because they are:

  • a) incapable of seeing any viewpoint other than their own, therefore it cannot ever be an equal friendship
  • b) because they did their best to make me look and feel like a worthless piece of shit because I don't hold the same beliefs as them.

Fortunately, they weren't actually friends - just people I've had dealings with via work.

I make no apologies for believing that not only should a woman be entitled to make decisions about her own  body but also about the rest of her life. And how fucking dare anyone who has had no experience of rape, pregnancy, extreme poverty, or violent crime, and who has only ever known their comfortable middle-class British way of life, presume to dictate to others how they should feel, and what they should do with their bodies?

I do however, apologise for the sweary bits... but that's how strongly I feel about the subject. Idiots.