Saturday, 30 July 2011

My weight shoes!

As of this morning, I have actually lost 22lbs but the above photo is of 21lbs of my footwear (I have plenty more shoes!) - pretty cool eh? Imagine carrying all that lot around - yikes! But that's exactly what I have been doing....doesn't bear thinking about, does it?

Still on the subject of photographic evidence; do you remember the photo I posted a few weeks ago, when I'd lost around 10lbs? I was very pleased with my progress but since then, despite the scales moving, my clothes becoming looser, my fitness levels improving (yay!), and the tape measure telling me I've lost 37½ inches (95.25cm - wow!), I've not really seen it in the mirror. Yes, I've seen better muscle definition, despite still having a layer of fat only Jabba the Hutt would be proud of, but I've not thought I looked much slimmer, so I decided it was time to break out the camera again.

Are you ready?!

(If you're very brave, you can click them to enlarge.)

I would urge you to disregard the fact that I am wearing no make-up, that my hair looks rubbish, and that I look positively day I'll remember to take photos BEFORE I workout! But at least you can see that I *do* workout!

This is why I say that taking progress photos is a great way to keep motivated! As I've discovered, when we see ourselves in the mirror every day, it's really easy to not notice the difference we are making...and when we think like that, it's easy to become demotivated. It's also really easy to not fully appreciate our weight loss until we see it laid out in front of us. 

And for those people who can't relate to shoes (I've heard you exist!), how about this....I've lost 22 of these! Meep!

Source: Wikimedia Commons. By Gerbil's Daughter.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Nicôle! You have inspired me greatly. I know I've gained at least a stone and want to stop it before it gets any worse. Will be 40 next year! Will crack out the Couch to 5k app again. I have been doing it, but very slowly. Your comment about stamina being lost quickly was very interesting, it honestly hadn't occurred to me,

Well done!!!

SJD said...

well done you look great x i love your emails :)

Unknown said...

It didn't occur to me was a bit of a shock!

Good luck with losing the stone, and go you for re-starting C25K! I'm sure you'll get to goal in no time...and who knows which other goals you'll go for afterwards!

N x

Unknown said...

Thank you, SJ - I love receiving your feedback too!

N x

McKayMachina said...

Holy shrinking tummy and lovehandles, N! impressive! You're looking GREAT!

Unknown said...

Thank you, McKay....and so are you!

N x

Lor-artemis said...

Wow Nicole, fantastic photos, and such progress in a short space of time, you look great. I can see similarities between our shape and size and this really inspires me to keep going. Well done! And thank you for sharing this with us. xxx


Unknown said...

Thank you Lor - great to see you here!

N xx

Unknown said...

Hi Nicole....

You really look great!!!! Kudos to you....

Did you get this success doing C25K?
I am at the same point where you were at the start of the journey. Need to loose weight to avoid some forthcoming medical issues. So thought of starting C25K.
Your reply will be greatly appreciated.


Unknown said...

Hello Sai,

I am so sorry I didn't see this before :-(

C25K is awesome, it really is. My weightloss and return to fitness has been down to a combination of careful eating, C25K, and 30 Day Shred... plus walking whenever possible. I'd say that 90% is down to diet, and the other 10% accounts for the actual fitness and firming!

How are you getting on? I hope the medical issues haven't surfaced.

N xx