Saturday, 25 June 2011

15 Tips for Staying on Track: #9 - Strategies for Success

Use visual aids, understand your ‘danger zones’, keep records, read success stories, look at people’s before and after pictures, hang up your skinny jeans in a prominent place to remind you what you’re aiming for, keep photos of yourself at your ideal weight/size on the ‘fridge (or photos of a body you’d like to have!).

Make a My Virtual Model progress image....

Do whatever it takes to help you achieve your goal!

Set mini-goals (5lbs off in a month, an inch off your waist, able to run up the stairs, etc.), achieve them and then set them again. And again. Reward yourself for achieving your goals, and if necessary, engage the aid of others in order to get your rewards (arrange for someone to have the kids so you can have a two-hour pampering bath, for example, or buy yourself that CD you've been after for ages, or a new workout gear, or a new book, or a videogame...anything!).

Tell friends and family you are now leading a healthier lifestyle; ask that they respect this and not try to lead you into temptation.

Write yourself a letter. Or many letters. No one else has to see them but you. Be honest with yourself. Imagine you are talking to your best friend....because actually, you should be own best friend! How many people say, “I’m my own worst enemy”? And how many admit “Actually I’m my own best friend”? Be your own best friend! 

What advice would you give yourself? Would you tell yourself to be complacent or kick-ass? Are you a fluffy bunny or a she-wolf? How did you get to where you are today, this moment in time? How does it make you feel? How will getting to your goal make you feel? How will getting halfway there make you feel?

At the start of my journey, I wrote a letter to my body (which I'll post on this blog in a bit), telling it how very sorry I was for all the abuse I had put it through. Now I find myself writing little notes of thanks for being such a brilliant and amazing body, and for being more resilient than I could ever have imagined. I have fallen in love with my body all over again!

Give your body a chance to show you what it is really capable of. I guarantee you’ll fall in love too!

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