Saturday, 2 July 2011

15 Tips for Staying on Track: #15 - Count your blessings!

Don’t bemoan the fact that you haven’t lost anything this week, or that you've had a slight gain, or that you still can’t get into your skinny jeans, or that you had a bit of a slip-up at the weekend.

Be thankful that you have lost X amount thus far, that if you've maintained, that you haven’t gained, that you're getting fitter, that you're healthier. That while you may not be able to get into your skinny jeans, you do still have clothes on your back, and are not one of the 60% of the world’s population living below the poverty threshold.

So you had a slip-up - be thankful that you are not one of the 925 million people in this world who will go to bed hungry tonight.

Be thankful that you have a loving family, that your children are protected from disease and are educated to a decent standard, that your husband/wife/partner will return home to you this evening, that you live in a time of peace, that you live in an affluent nation.

Be thankful you are alive. Be thankful that you are loved.

Now, understand that will all those advantages, you can do anything!

So what are you waiting for?!

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