Saturday, 23 July 2011

TIP: Converting weights, measures and volume

Several of my international readers have told me that they don't use kitchen scales, and while it is tempting to say, "Seriously, get some digital scales - your culinary life will be so much easier!", the following might be more immediately useful (although I still say get some scales)!

From Sejny (in Podlasie Voivodeship), a former Dominican Monastery. Source: Ludwig Schneider.

Wet and dry goods have different volumes by weight. So 100g of flour will have a different volume (which is what cups measure) than say, 100g grated cheese, or 100ml milk. By the same token, a cup of flour will weigh more than a cup of grated cheese, or 100ml milk. Make sense?

1 cup self-raising flour = 125g
1 cup grated cheddar = 113g
1 cup whole milk = 244g (or 236.89ml)

100g self-raising flour = 0.8 cup
100g grated cheddar = 0.885 cup
100ml ( (103g) whole milk = 0.422cup

Gourmet Sleuth has a is a very good converter - clicka da linka! (You may need to double-click the search results if you are using Safari or Chrome browsers. Firefox seems fine with just one click. I can't vouch for any others.)

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