Wednesday, 12 December 2012

30 Things: #9 - List 10 people who have influenced you, and describe how

Gosh, I fear this is going to be difficult... I'm not easily influenced!
  • Amato mio - no-brainer, really... when you are as close to someone as we are to each other, there is obviously going to be some kind of influence. Amongst so many other things, I think he's probably taught me how to be a better person.
  • My mother - another no-brainer: my mother was one of the worst role models it's possible to have, and made what little of my childhood I spent with her, an utter misery. Because of her, I became strong and single-minded, and determined to be a far better person than she ever was.
  • My children - obviously they have had an influence.... even if it was only inasmuch as I gave up theatre and travelling for a few years in order to be a parent! (Does that count as three people?!)
  • My mentor - her name was Carol, and she lived a few houses away from me with her husband and three daughters. When I was around 14-ish, she took me under her wing. She always had an air of mystery about her, and her home was filled with books, gramophone records, incense, and esoteric ephemera - I loved it! She introduced me to all kinds of exotic food, to opera, to jazz, to different ways of thinking.... or rather, she encouraged me to think for myself, and to never adopt other people's opinions. She gave me so much of me!
  • My grandparents - from my grandmother I learned how to be strong, resilient, and independent, and  from my grandfather I learned to find other worlds to explore.... and how to love. (That's another two people!)
  • Bryony - a great friend for around a quarter of a century, and a hugely positive influence on me!
  • Susan Sarandon - a lady of immense grace, talent, and humanity, who, through her portrayal of Louise in Thelma and Louise, was instrumental in changing my life.
Who has influenced your life? 

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