Tuesday, 26 February 2013

30 Things: #11 - Describe 10 Pet Peeves You Have

At first I thought this was going to be easy-peasy but now I've had a think about it, I seem to be far more chilled and laid-back than I thought I was! Go me! Of course, that's not to say I don't have any peeves...

  1. Lazy spelling and grammar. Some folk genuinely have issues, and for some, English is not a first language - these folk are not the problem... the issue I have is when they ought to know better; books, papers, magazines, adverts, in-store marketing material, road signs, etc. Printers, publishers, and signmakers - hire good proofreaders... please!
  2. Text-talk. ORLY? inorite? kthx!
  3. Mosquitoes. I love living in tropical climates... and the mosquitoes love me. Telling me I have 'sweet blood' is not adequate compensation for parts of my body looking like a 3D map of the Himalayas.
  4. Conversation interrupted. People who constantly butt in whenever someone else is trying to talk. Yes, we all do it sometimes but some folk just make me want to take a staple gun to their lips! And in a similar vein, people who ask you a question, then completely ignore anything you say because they already have their own script in their head... and you're not following it!
  5. Whingeing. Seriously, if you have a problem, be pro-active and do something about it, don't make everyone else's life a misery by posting your complaints all over the internet. Do something positive! 
  6. Ingratitude. Why is it that some people are never grateful for what they have? Whether it's material possessions, enough food, shelter, etc. or that they live in one of the world's wealthiest countries? Count your blessings, people - you already have far more than the majority of the world's population.
  7. "It's my right!" Actually, no it's not. You do not have a right to respect. You do not have a right to benefits. You do not have a right to receive everything your little heart desires each time you hold your hand out. Get over yourself - earn your rights.
  8. Malingerers. Please take your imaginary, first-world 'condition' and stick it. If you can spend all weekend partying, and weekdays doing 'modelling shoots', you do not have a debilitating condition - you are just of the opinion that you should not be ordinary. Well, here's the rub... there are very few extraordinary people in this world, which is why they stand out. You do not stand out because you are amazingly talented, you stand out because other people resent having to fund your lifestyle through their taxes. So here's an idea; work in a mundane job during the week, then at weekends, do all the glammy, arty, extraordinary stuff at the weekend. You'll enjoy it so much more - and you may even have more money to spend on it... if that's what floats your boat.
  9. Nouveau(x?) racists. It's really not that complicated; Eastern Europeans (for example) are not moving to the UK to take your jobs and your benefits (see above) - they are going there to do the work you're too lazy or unwilling to do. Stop using immigration as a stick to beat your government with; the economy cannot pick up if there are no people doing the shitty jobs, and since you won't do them, labour must be brought in from elsewhere. If there were no jobs, the immigrants would not be there. Think about it, it's not rocket science. Or brain surgery. Which is lucky... because you probably genuinely cannot do those jobs!
  10. Lassitude. Specifically, mine. It happens - usually during a particularly bad hormonal surge, and I loathe it. Sometimes it's so hard to motivate myself, or even to stay awake! A few weeks ago however, I had a rotten cold, which combined with jet-lag, left me feeling quite literally exhausted for the better part of a month. And never spending more than a few days in one place didn't help (although I am not complaining!): mid Jan to mid Feb, we stayed in eight locations on three continents (Africa, Europe, Asia), plus a brief stopover in Colombo, Sri Lanka thrown in for good measure! Now we're ensconced in our apartment in Fort Kochi, I am once again feeling more like my usual self!
I'm sure you all have peeves (probably regarding self-righteous bloggers!) - do share! 

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