Tuesday, 26 February 2013

C25K Redux: The Return to Fitness

Barring a run along the beach a couple of weeks ago, it's been almost a year since I've been running. I know, I know, it's shameful.

I could say it's because we've been living in climates which are too hot to run it but it would be an excuse because early in the morning, it's fine. I could say that there haven't been any suitable places in which to run but if I'd really wanted to, I'd have found somewhere. The truth is that I've just got lazy... and it shows.

I've put on a few pounds, which in itself would not be too much of a problem if they had not deposited themselves in all the wrong places. But even worse is that my fitness levels have dropped drastically, which is just horrible. And you'd think that a woman going through the menopause, knowing that one of the symptoms is aching/stiffness, would not be prepared to forego workouts, therefore condemning herself to making old-person noises when getting out of bed, on and off sofas etc.

What kind of numpty would do that? Hmmmm.... So I'm reposting that motivational graphic I did a while back because at the moment, I'm probably somewhere between the centre two images... but of course, I need to be further toward the right!

To that end, yesterday, amato mio and I restarted C25K. And this is what happened:

  1. I discovered that my fitness levels haven't dropped quite as much as I'd thought, so even though I may not have run for far too long, there is still a clear and lasting overall benefit.
  2. Expecting to get on the parade ground for a run at 7.30am, before all the cricketers and footballers are there is complete idiocy. People start early here in Fort Kochi, so tomorrow we'll be going out at 6.30am!
  3. As ever, the second part of the run was easier than the first... which is good because the first few intervals were highly reminiscent of zombie-shambling. I bet I looked like a very old woman!
  4. Today I am not aching. I was a little stiff when I first got up but that soon went, and I am very pleased to report that not one muscle aches as a result. Yay!
  5. It felt soooooo good! Sure, I may be less fit than I was but I still felt like I was flying, and afterward felt fantastic too. A real sense of doing something positive. I was all fired up for the rest of the day too!
  6. I can't wait to get back out there tomorrow! And I can't wait for this time next month, when I'm hoping that my wobbly bits will be slightly firmer, my clothes slightly looser, and my fitness much increased! 


tinebeest said...

Woohoo! Back to running! I am still on a high from Sunday's 10miler, and training is going great. Hope the bug keeps on biting, dearest GoK!

Unknown said...

Thanks Tine - and go you for your 10 miles! Woohoo!!