Tuesday, 28 June 2011

15 Tips for Staying on Track: #12 - Stop Making Excuses!

Seriously, I mean it! It doesn’t matter if you are going on holiday, or if it’s someone’s birthday party, or you are having chocolate cravings because ToM is due, or if it's Christmas. Why are any of these excuses?

Once you understand and accept that you can eat and drink more or less whatever you like, as long as it fits into your plan, you have no reason to ever make an excuse again  (but please, please make healthy choices!). No one is too busy to eat properly (plan ahead). No one is too busy to exercise (what, you can’t fit in 10 minutes in the morning, 10 minutes at lunchtime and 10 minutes in the evening?). No one is too fat or too heavy to exercise (even a five minute walk a day to the end of the road and back is beneficial).

As someone once said, excuses are like farts – we all have them and they all stink!

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Never, ever say, “It’s OK for them, they’re naturally thin. They must have a fast metabolism.” Or any of the other 101 excuses we use to explain why someone else is as slim and healthy as we’d like to be. Do you really think they don’t have to work hard to keep looking that good? Do you honestly believe they can sit on their bums all day, scoffing and quaffing, and still look as gorgeous? Of course they can’t!

Slender, fit and healthy people are that way because they work at it. Not because they make excuses! Like everyone else, they fail occasionally but the difference is, they don't allow fear of failure to rule their lives - they just pick themselves up and get back on track.

And just like you and I, they enjoy the occasional day off...unlike our former selves however, they haven’t make an Olympic sport out of out cake-nomming!

So stop making excuses; get out there, grab life with both hands, and take charge of your health and your future!

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